Emotions Collection

Six stories thought so as children can identify, learn and put into practice all of which causes them fear, sadness, happiness or anger among other emotions. Free to download app with store and the first story included.

Download it for free with the first story included!


The invisible friend

Ana’s grandmother has died and she’s become black and white. Her invisible friend will help her to overcome the pain through the good memories.


The dragon's tail

Javier gets so angry that he throws tantrums, becomes disobedient and breaks his toys. An unexpected event will help him to think over his attitude.


The colored stars

Ana and Javier play in the park and have a great time. They’re happy and laugh all the time. They will help other kids to feel like they do.


The sandbag

Ana is sad and has to carry a heavy bag around. But with time the bag becomes smaller and smaller and Ana learns that sadness comes and goes.


The Supersonic Wonder Woman

Ana wakes up in the midnight and she feels very scared. The Supersonic Wonder Woman, who is her friend, will make all her fears to fade away.


The grey cloud

Ana’s dog is lost and she has got a grey cloud over her head. When she finds her dog Flip the worry cloud will vanish from her head.
Download it for free with the first story included!